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St. Joseph's Primary School, Ederney, Enniskillen


This will probably be your child’s first time in such a big setting, so it is vitally important that the transition from home to Nursery is as ‘worry free’ as possible. We have developed our admissions procedure with this in mind.

As it is essential to develop a good relationship with each child, we will be admitting the children in small groups over a four-week period for a shortened day. By week five, all children will be attending Nursery. For the first four weeks the children will be in Nursery for 1hr – these details will have been given to you by Mrs McTeague on your visit day in August.

Group 1 will attend from 9:00am-10:00a.m

Group 2 will attend from 10:30am-11:30a.m

From Monday 13th September all children will be in Nursery from 9:00a.m-10:30am

         Monday 20th September all children will be in Nursery from 9:00am  - 11am

         Monday 27th September all children will be in Nursery from 9:00am - 11:30am



On day one of your child’s attendance, you will be allowed to bring your child to the Nursery door. After the initial start day, Mrs McTeague will take the children from the Nursery gate and bring them into class. No adults will be allowed in the building. If you feel your child has difficulty settling, please speak with the class teacher and alternative arrangements may be made.

Snack Money

Snack money provides children with a healthy choice of snack five days a week.  The cost is £25 per term.  It also supports the purchase of seasonal resources throughout the year. Snack money should be put in an envelope. Please note your child’s name and the day/date, on an envelope.